The Project

aboutFrom a young age, I was fascinated by electricity and old industrial technologies. Later, I started to be interested in stage lighting, and I finally began to work in that industry.

Stage technology heritage is the next logical step, and I started to assemble a small collection of lighting equipments for theatre and film. As the collection evolved, I met interesting people and heard fascinating stories. I started to feel the need to share this passion.

To have the widest possible access to this collection, I rapidly had the idea of a virtual museum. I first started with a blog, but as the blog platform ended the service, I wanted to develop this project to a new level, and in two languages: this is the beginning of this site.

Ultimately, this project joined similar initiatives, mainly the Backstage Heritage. The idea is to create an international network to save Stage Technical Heritage, each with their approach and specific interest.

With that in mind, the different projects are looking for old equipments, documents, and stories to save , but also to draw attention to venue managers about the rich heritage still laying around in the basement of theatres. We invite them to create an inventory of this heritage and help them to save it. This is particularly important now, with the rapid change in the lighting industry, but also with the ageing of the lighting pioneers.

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